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I'm Shu Shu and I have been hand quilting quilts for many years and I have set up this site with the intention of sharing my knowledge and expertise with anyone that would like to learn how to make these beautiful quilts. I will also be fe

That's Me A While Back

That’s Me A While Back

aturing other quilting projects that make great gifts and bring you the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Join me, we'll have fun!

I set a goal a couple of years ago to hand quilt a quilt for each of my sons, grand children, nephews, nieces, sisters, and really all family members. I also gave quilts to many friends and even made baby quilts for new born babies. I donated a few quilts to charities for fund raisers and to a needy family.

In all, I made fifty quilts at that time and enjoyed every minute of it. Quilting can be very expensive and so I set out to see how I could assemble the needed materials for that project without it costing me an arm and a leg. To make fifty quilts I would need many yards of material, lots of thread, batting, backing, etc.

Everybody got to know me at the local thrift stores and started looking out for materials for me. I patronized these charitable businesses and over time was able to acquire a lot of the materials that I needed. I went to garage sales, yard sales, anyplace that I could find a bargain. Friends and neighbors also donated their surplus fabric to help me fulfill my goal.

I bought 100% cotton sheets whenever I found a good sale and I eventually was overflowing in over 800 yards of fabric for my quilts. At this point I started to work on my goal of completing 50 hand quilted quilts. How did I get started . . . oh, one quilt at a time. It took me only eight months to complete the quilts and everyone was astounded that I had hand quilted everyone of them.

Because hand quilting quilts has been so rewarding for me, I have decided to share my knowledge with others and I hope you will have as much fun and enjoyment from the craft as I do.

Thanks for stopping by,

Shu Shu